A Look at the Movies

Rated R

1 hour 40 minutes

Alfre Woodard, Annabelle Wallis,  Ward Horton

CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) – You never know where your next evil spirits are coming from. “Annabelle’s” the demon doll making life miserable for a couple expecting their first child.

This dragged out supernatural thriller has us nervously waiting for something exciting to happen. Thank goodness their Parish Priest has been reading up on Demons masquerading as dolls.

By this time we should all know that Demons just love slamming doors to give terrified heroines an Intense case of the heebie-jeebies.  You too will start looking for the nearest exit. Once In a while even a quality Actress like Afre Woodard goes slumming to pick up an easy paycheck.

Thankfully, she knows everything about haunted dolls.  “Annebelle” stirs up enough mischief to make our heroine wish the demon doll would have gone Instead to a next door neighbor.

Forgive me for reminding you It’s all warmed over hogwash, we’ve seen so many times before, and what’s worse It’s not very scary.

My apologies to horror fans who found “Annabelle” as dull and listless as I did.  The Producers certainly won’t tell you they’re sorry, though they should be.

“Annabelle” is second rate hackwork that scares up only two stars.

I’m not surprised the writers couldn’t conjure up something more bone chilling. You see this one at your own risk of dozing off half way through.

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