State looking to close the gender wage gap

Mass. women currently make 77 cents for every dollar men make

Image: Thinkstock

BOSTON (WWLP) – It may soon be easier for women to move up in their careers, thanks to an initiative by the state.

Governor Deval Patrick created a task force earlier this year to look for ways to help women compete with men in the workplace. Women in Massachusetts currently make 77-cents to every dollar made by men in Massachusetts.

To level the playing field, a task force assembled by Governor Patrick found that companies need to place more women in high-level positions, eliminate the wage gap, and create job opportunities for women in poverty. Schools also need to encourage women to focus on fields that could lead to higher-paying jobs, such as math and science.

The state Office of Labor and Workforce Development says that current policies are outdated and tend to favor men.

“A lot of our policies need to be updated for who is actually in the workforce and how we ensure that the talented women that are making these contributions in all parts of our economy do not drop off in those critical years,” said Rachel Kaprielian, Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development.

Half of the workforce is made up of women, but fewer than 14% of them are in leadership positions at major companies.

As a result of the findings, the state issued a challenge for companies to hire and promote more women.

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