Average gas price is the lowest it’s been in 18 months

Chicopee and Holyoke seem to have the lowest prices as of yet

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Gas prices in the United States have been on the decline and western Massachusetts residents are seeing it at the pump. AAA says gas prices have dropped 40 cents a gallon since the fourth of July.

North American petroleum production has increased bringing up crude oil supplies and with lower demand entering the cooler months. It’s making it cheaper for people at the pump.

“We’re looking at about $3.20 for regular unleaded gasoline per gallon and that’s down about two cents from yesterday, seven cents from last week, and 18 cents from last month.  So thats significant for us to see in a very short period of time,” said AAA Pioneer Valley spokeswoman, Sandra Marsian.  She said compared to last year it is 21 cents lower.

Melissa Hubert, of Greenfield said, “Forty bucks in gas, back and forth because I drive to Granby and so since the prices have gone down it’s helped out a little bit anyway. Hopefully they’ll continue to drop.”

Some prices in western Massachusetts are already lower than the predicted year end national average of $3.10.

Anthony Motif, of Stafford Springs, Connecticut said, “I went to visit my mother and she says it’s $3.09 at the Citgo down the road and I said well I got to go over there I got to check this out. I can’t believe it because in Connecticut they’re like $3.49 but $3.09 if they stay like this…this would be great give everybody a break during the winter time.”

Prices are anticipated to rise again for the holidays, but for now, more people are driving away from the pump with more cash in their hand.

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