Mountain Rd. Closure: How residents and businesses coped

WWLP file image from 2014

EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP)– “They stop for the coffee, cigarettes, and newspaper, but nothing now,” Abdul Butt said.

Butt owns the Union Mart just a up the road from where drivers spent that last three mornings detouring around Rt. 141. Tree removal crews and utility workers have been cleaning up that area following Wednesday’s microburst. “When 141 is open, I get good business, but since last three days now it is just very slow,” Butt said.

The closed section of Rt. 141, or Mountain Road, does commonly get closed during severe winter weather. That is because as you drive up, it gets narrower, steeper, and a little winding. But this time around, residents and other business owners in town say this longer than usual closure is different.

“Unexpected, so during the winter you expect it if it’s a big snow storm, but this was totally unexpected,” Jeff Doyle, the owner of Silver Spoon Restaurant in Easthampton, said.

Some residents whose properties were spared from damage, told 22News that they were grateful the added commute time was the only thing they were dealing with in the storm’s aftermath.

“But I think everyone knows the way around and it’s one of those things that we’re lucky it didn’t cause more damage to anybody. And if it’s just a road that’s closed, we can live with it,” Patrick Brough of Easthampton said.

Easthampton Police Captain Robert Alberti told 22News that trees had been cleared and utility poles had been replaced by Friday morning, and the Department of Conservation and Recreation is surveying damaged trees near the road to ensure they do not pose a danger to drivers.

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