Travelers comment on airport ebola screenings

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WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP)- Screenings for Ebola will begin at some of the nations busiest airports within these next couple of days.

Five U.S. International Airports will have screening by this weekend, but the closest one to western Massachusetts is JFK Airport in New York.

Fears of the Ebola Virus have heightened after Thomas Duncan died on Wednesday. Duncan flew into the U-S and diagnosed days later.   Now the Centers for Disease Control will begin Ebola screening at five U.S. Airports.

“I know that people are feeling a little panicky about it right now, and if they can see people are being screened more thoroughly I think it’s going to calm them down and make everybody travel more safely and more comfortably,” Ruth Griggs, of Northampton, said.

Most travelers 22News spoke with said they’re glad to see increased precautions but others say they would like to see more done.

Everett Palmer, of Detroit, Michigan said, “I think that if there is a threat to this country from another country, close the doors, shut the doors on anybody coming into this country that would present a threat to me, you, or anybody.”

New York’s JFK will start screening Saturday. Washington-Dulles, Newark, Chicago-O’Hare and Atlanta International Airports will follow next week.  Passengers will be require to have their temperature taken and they will fill out a questionaire when they arrive from several West African nations.

“I think screenings are important I mean if you’re screening for fever, disease yea definitely a good thing,” Andrew Gumas, of Maryland said.

The CDC says the screenings will affect about 150 passengers a day, but someone can still come into the U.S. with the virus showing no signs of it since it can take about 21 days for a person to feel sick.

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