Pot posters create buzz

pot confusion

CLINTON, Iowa (KWQC) Signs popping up advertising a marijuana store set to open next year are creating a buzz in Clinton, Iowa, but with recreational marijuana illegal in the state, it’s leaving citizens with a lot of question.

“I’m definitely excited about it because I feel like economically it could do a lot for the state,” said Clinton resident Andrew Lots. “As long as it’s all done legally and that the State of Iowa has everything done by the books, I think it could be a really good thing just like tobacco or prohibition and alcohol for instance.”

Clinton County Attorney Mike Wolf said a store can’t legally sell pot in Iowa and only those with a special card can obtain marijuana oil.

“The law solely extends for those persons who have contractible epilepsy,” said Wolf.

And at this point, nothing wrong has been done.

“That is part of our free speech in this country so there’s nothing wrong or illegal with posting a poster and causing and sparking discussion,” said Wolf.

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