Hadley residents surprised by the storm damage

Wednesday’s storm even toppled a barn down to the ground

Trees uprooted and chicken coops overturned in Hadley from Wednesday morning's storms. Image sent to 22News via ReportIt.

HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – The storm that ripped through Hadley on Wednesday damaged several structures from houses and brought downed trees.

Depending on where you are in Hadley, you can still see some of the damages left by Wednesday’s storm. The day after a severe storm ripped through Hadley, leaving a lot people without power, some residents are picking up the pieces.

Kris Delude has lived in Hadley for over 20 years. She said she found a surprise in her backyard after the storm. “When we went into our back paddocks, where our horses are, there where two pretty large sized trees that came down on the paddocks fencing in the back.”

Delude said the storm sounded like a train but never did she think there’d be this much damage. Just down the road, 22News met another resident who said the storm damaged parts of his house.

“A few shingles off the house, and a couple of limbs rolled off the tree and on to the house. Broke the sighting off a couple spots. Nothing major, I have a couple of chicken coups in back blown upside down,” said Bill West. West told 22News that some of his neighbor’s houses were damaged even more and that he’s just happy nobody was hurt.

In some wooded areas, you could see some downed trees and others that were mangled by the powerful winds. Wednesday’s storm was so severe that it toppled a barn down to the ground.

However, there are some Hadley residents who were more fortunate. The Rooted Acers Farm was one of many places that didn’t have any damages from the storm. Irene Georgiadis said, “No, we were pretty fortunate. Nothing too serious. We were lucky here.” And though they were lucky, all you have to do is drive through parts of Hadley to see that other residents weren’t too lucky.

Most residents 22News spoke with said they have minor damages to their properties.

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