Ghost town for sale

Village of Johnsonville

EAST HADDAM, Conn. (WTNH)– In the center of Johnsonville you see a general store, a meeting house, and a post office. You also notice they are all closed, abandoned – a virtual ghost town.

Denis and Connie Goodale of Clinton have driven through Johnsonville many times but today they stopped – trying to capture the spirit of this Victorian style village in East Haddam.


Denis Goodale says, “I’m hoping maybe I can see someone out of the window.” We ask, “Maybe a figure something like that?” He answers, “Yeah wouldn’t that be nice.”

Two churches, a school house, and Victorian homes surround what appears to be the town green. They too are abandoned. Once a thriving village built by workers at the nearby Neptune Twine Mill in the mid 1800’s – the town flourished until the 1960’s. The 62 acre property was then bought and transformed into a Victorian village.

  • Starting bid is $800,000
  • 8 Contiguous Parcels
  • 62 Acres from 1842

In 2001 it was sold again. The real estate agent representing the current owner says the property has potential.

Goodale says, “I told Connie I says I’d like to buy the place. Do you have $800,000? No not all.”

Here’s the modern day rundown. There are 8 parcels of land and 8 buildings including the Emory Johnson homestead the town’s namesake. He owned the local mill. There’s also a pond, waterfall, covered bridge, and barn. Locations used in a Billy Joel video and a Cuba Gooding Jr movie.

Connie Goodale says, “I think it’s neat. I think it’s really neat. It’s a little creepy but I think it would be really neat to be a tourist thing. To see an old town and maybe do like Sturbridge.”

Like with many abandoned buildings there are also some ghost stories that go along with this property. So in that spirit the two day online auction will begin October 30th right before Halloween.

Here’s a link to the auction. As of Wednesday afternoon the date had not been updated online to October 30th. But realtor Jim Kelly of RM Bradley Company assured News 8 the date has been pushed back.

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