Evidence continues to pile on against UVa. murder suspect

The taxi cab driven by the suspect was seized

Jesse Matthew, Jr.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WTVR) – Two missing Virginia Tech students will forever be linked to one man, Jesse Matthew Junior. Crews are still desperately trying to find Hannah Graham, almost a month after she disappeared.

While Matthew sits behind bars for the abduction of Graham, more information is coming out about another student’s disappearance, Morgan Harrington. Police found Harrington’s body four months after she disappeared.

Law enforcement officials have already confirmed a forensic link between Matthew and Harrington, but Thursday night there’s new evidence that connects Matthew to the murdered girl.

Sources confirm that at least two local cab employees through questioning have informed federal and state investigators that Matthew was working as a cab driver on October 17, 2009, the night Harrington disappeared, after leaving the John Paul Jones Arena.

Forensic evidence also links him to Harrington that night. CBS 6 has exclusively learned that investigators have interviewed at least 20 other cab employees from around Charlottesville to learn more about that October night as they did after Harrington went missing. Sources say Jesse Matthew was one of them 5 years ago.

Melvin Carter of Carter’s Taxi said, “Everything is starting to add up; everything is starting to add up.” Carter, who knew Matthew, said he reached out to investigators 5 years ago after being questioned about local cab companies.

“I asked which taxi cab she got into; they said ‘yes she did jump into a taxi cab that night before last being seen alive,’” said Carter.

Sources confirmed to CBS 6 that as part of this active investigation the cab Matthew drove in 2009 was seized by authorities from a farm 2 weeks ago. Carter said, “He could have made an impression on her because what I heard from her mental state she was upset, so she may have found someone who was loving and trusting and comforted her.”

Those close to Matthew in 2009, when Harrington disappeared, tell CBS 6 that they informed investigators that they would joke with their former co-worker that he resembled the sketch of the man linked to a 2005 rape in Fairfax, and the man linked to Harrington they said Matthew would at times brush it off and other times get visibly upset and disappear for hours.

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