Buses to run domestic abuse prevention ads

BOSTON (WWLP) – Domestic violence is often a hidden problem, and many cases go unreported. 22News talked to one organization about their efforts to break the silence.

Domestic abuse continues to be a problem that affects both men and women throughout Massachusetts.

“We know that there isn’t an available emergency shelter bed on any given day, and we know that hotlines are incredibly busy,” said violence prevention coalition Jane Doe Inc.’s Executive Director Debra Robbins.

In an effort to prevent future cases of abuse, JDI and shelter-provider Casa Myrna, launched a new campaign that gained the support of Governor Deval Patrick. Within the next couple weeks, buses around Springfield and Pittsfield will display these ads to bring attention to the group’s 24-hour hotline, SafeLink. Victims, survivors and supporters can call the free and confidential hotline to seek help for physical or emotional abuse.

“We thought it would be good to focus the campaign on bystanders, or people in the lives of survivors because silence is threatening,” said Casa Myrna CEO Stephanie Brown.

Safe-Link receives around 30,000 calls a year, rounding up to 100 calls every day. The ad will be displayed in both English and Spanish for a month.

Recent attention to domestic violence in the NFL have more people speaking out. Last month, SafeLink received a spike in calls from people seeking help.

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