Code enforcement, police officers conduct neighborhood sweep

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Code enforcement inspectors and the Springfield police ordinance squad teamed up Friday to look for code violations in the city’s Forest Park neighborhood.

Their efforts Friday focused specifically on Noel Street. Springfield Police Capt. Cheryl Clapprood told 22News that they checked for possible housing code violations at one home they had visited before.

“As far as being unkempt and untidy, and there’s also some information about maybe gang members living in the house; the landlord having a problem,” Clapprood said.

Sgt. John Delaney said they have warrents for a man inside the house. He was arrested, placed in handcuffs, and taken to police headquarters.

The owner of the house faces code enforcement complaints.

“The tenants had moved out of the second floor and they left the unit wide open. Which opens it to vagrants that can get in there possibly arson or drug activitiy or whatever it happens to be,” said David Cotter, Deputy Code Enforcement Director for the City of Springfield.

A long-time neighborhood resident, who declined to be identified, told 22News that they were pleased to see teams of officers and inspectors patrolling neighborhood streets looking for violations.

“A lot of problems in that house the last two days. Police have been here every day and a lot of yelling and fighting in the streets,” the neighbor said.

Deputy Code Enforcement Commissioner David Cotter told 22News that Friday’s action could possibly uncover hundreds of violations, ranging from peeling paint to waste in yards and driveways.

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