Distracted teens are in danger when crossing the street

Survey: Music and texting put teens at risk

NEW YORK (NBC News) – A new survey from Safe Kids Worldwide suggests we should offer refresher courses on crossing the street when kids become teenagers.

Nearly half of more than 1,000 teenagers surveyed said they’d either been hit or nearly hit by a car or other vehicle while walking.

Part of the problem is that their eyes and attention are often on their mobile devices, not on oncoming traffic.

12 percent of teens admitted to texting while crossing the street; 38 percent walk while listening to music, a problem, experts say even if their eyes are technically in tune with the road.

“When you’re crossing the street with headphones on, you’re not hearing the ambient sounds around you, you’re not hearing those signals from cars or from approaching vehicles that you simply may not see,” says Safe Kids Worldwide president Kate Carr.

Safety experts remind teens to put the devices down when crossing the street, try to make eye contact with drivers before stepping foot into the road and cross only at intersections or cross walks.

Three-quarters of fatal teen pedestrian accidents occurred either at night or in the early morning hours before sunrise.

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