Convicted “Breaking Bad” killer could get 14-year plea deal

Both sides are recommending a sentence of just over 14 years

(CNN) – It appeared to be straight out of a “Breaking Bad” episode, the way a Washington man strangled his girlfriend and attempted to get rid of her body.

Now, the convicted murderer could spend just 14 years in prison for the crime. Jason Hart has pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree murder. In return, both sides are recommending a sentence of just over 14 years.

Regan Jolley’s family says they believe the justice system is out of whack.

It was a brutal crime that haunted the lives of everyone it touched, including Dean Settle, a former friend OF Jason Hart’s. The two met at a Virginia hospital.

He’s the one who discovered Regan Jolley’s body. He spoke a few months after the murder.

Settle said, “I went in the garage, and there was a puddle of water on the floor, so I went in that direction, and that’s when I found Regan.”

Her body was submerged in a tub filled with a combination of water and drain cleaner. A scene eerily similar to the very episode of Breaking Bad that detectives found cued up on Hart’s DVD player.

Settle said, “I think, the only thing I know is that was his favorite series. That’s what he told me. I think he used it as an instruction to go do what he was going to dispose of Regan.”

And Regan Jolley’s loved ones say that’s why they are so upset over this deal. They are incredibly disturbed at the lengths they believe Jason Hart went to try and hide evidence.

They say the 14-year proposed sentence agreed upon by both sides is nowhere near enough, saying they believe the justice system is out of whack.

Regan jolly’s family say they look forward to their day in court. Hart is scheduled to be sentenced by the end of October, and they say they do plan on speaking.

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