California’s “Yes means yes” law leads to smartphone app

Students aren't all sold on the idea of the app

(CNN) – California’s new “yes means yes” law regarding sexual assaults has led to the development of a new smartphone app. The Good2Go smartphone app asks two main questions: first, do both partners consent to sex?

If one person says no, then they can’t do it. If both say yes, then they are asked, “How intoxicated are you?”

“It’s ‘sober’ or you can answer, ‘I’m mildly intoxicated,’ ‘I’m intoxicated but good to go,’ or ‘I’m wasted,’ and if you choose the last one, you will not get consent through our app.”

Lee Ann Allman of San Diego says her kids in college inspired her to create this app. Allman said, “They had seen personal instances where friends were either victims of sexual assault or they had been accused, and they knew that it was serious, but they were confused about what to do about it.”

At San Francisco State, the app had mixed reviews. Among the responses:

“I don’t know. I don’t know what I think about that.”

“I think that’s really weird and kind of sad that our society is getting to that point that you need an app for permission to do something.”

“If people are going to have to start having conversations about it, maybe that could take away from some of the awkwardness.”

“It becomes more normal.”

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