Boston children treated for mysterious illness

BOSTON (WWLP) – Four children with a history of respiratory illness have shown signs of polio-like symptoms, prompting doctors here in Boston to search for a cause.

It is confirmed that Boston Children’s Hospital has treated four children for a mysterious Neurological Illness with Limb Weakness. Symptoms include muscle weakness and difficultly walking or crawling. The children, ranging from four to fifteen years old, have a recent history of respiratory illness, but so far three have tested negative for the Enterovirus, and one child’s result is pending.

Out of the four children experiencing the unknown neurological illness, one patient has been discharged. Two are being treated on a regular floor and the fourth child is currently in the intensive care unit. Two additional patients are being closely monitored.

22News spoke exclusively with the Chief of the Pediatric Pulmonary Unit at MassGeneral Hospital for Children Dr. Bernard Kinane. He said doctors are searching for a cause to the mysterious illness.

“It’s a new illness for us so we’re learning about it as we go forward, but even still these are very unusual complications, but look for them,” said Dr. Kinane.

Dr. Kinane offered three tips to keep your child healthy:

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Cover your mouth when coughing
  3. Avoid sending sick children to school

He urges parents to take their child to the doctor right away if they notice shortness of breath, wheezing or muscle weakness.

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