Sexual assault posted on Snapchat

19-year-old Rashad Deihim was denied bail in court Monday

(CNN) – Police say a Massachusetts man sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl and posted a video of the attack to Snapchat. 19-year-old Rashad Deihim was denied bail in court Monday, and authorities have also charged two others in the assault.

Deihim shook his head no as prosecutors described his alleged part in the rape of a 16-year-old female acquaintance. Deihim and his girlfriend, 18-year-old Kailyn Bonia, are charged with kidnapping the girl, taking her behind a Saugus school where prosecutors say the teens sexually assaulted her, took numerous videos of the attack, and posted them to Snapchat.

“It appeared that the victim was attempting to fight off her assailants in the videos, but she was so impaired she couldn’t speak. In one of the videos, the victim was actually seen being held up by her assailants because she could not stand up on her own.”

According to police reports, the victim doesn’t remember the attack; she claims Deihim and the others drugged her. A friend of the victim alerted police after those Snapchat videos turned up on her mobile phone.

Deihim’s parents were in court to support their son. His attorney pointed out the 19-year-old surrendered to answer the changes. “He’s presumed innocent, he professes that innocence, and he will fight this case in the appropriate venue.”

Prosecutors are also charging a 17-year old boy in juvenile court with actually taking those videos of the attack. Deihim and Bonia are being held until a probable cause hearing, which is set for October 16th.

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