Patrick holding-off on “serious job search” until January

Has left the possibility for a presidential run open

BOSTON (State House News Service) – With just over three months remaining in his term, Gov. Deval Patrick cracked wise about hitting the job market, but he told reporters he won’t look seriously for his next employment opportunity until January, when he leaves office.

Patrick announced job growth in the clean-energy sector at an event Monday at Boston Green Academy, a Horace Mann charter school in Brighton where one of the students announced his own career ambitions.

“We don’t just want to work for you guys; we want to be your bosses,” Quayshaun Owens Figueroa, a senior at the school, told the assembled officialdom Monday morning.

Patrick wrapped up his speech by urging the students to continue growing the clean-energy sector.

“Finally a word for Quay and all the students who assembled here today, for whom we will all be working soon enough – and by the way, I’m looking for a job,” Patrick said, to laughter. “I want you to know you will inherit this clean-energy foundation, and we need you to build on it.”

Outside the school, speaking to reporters, Patrick said he is “not yet” actively looking for a job, but said he would “soon.”

Patrick said a serious job-search would have to wait until January, when he is set to end his two terms as the state’s chief executive.

“To get serious about it is going to have to wait ’til January because I’ve got a day job right now,” Patrick said.

The governor, a former business executive and Justice Department official, has garnered a national presence in Democratic politics and left the door open to a future presidential run.

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