Loc Card: Universal Loyalty Program

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – All of those loyalty cards…all wrapped into 1! Jack Kennamer, CEO/founder of the LOC Card and  Dave Ratner, Owner of Dave’s Pet Food City joined us to share the details.


LOC Card allows you to participate/enroll in as many reward programs from almost any merchant with the use of a single card, the LOC Card. There is no need to complete enrollment forms or fill out any paper work. A onetime account registration on the LOC Card web site does it all. At no time is any personal information transferred (name, address, e-mail, phone #, etc.) to enroll into any merchant’s program using the LOC Card. LOC is the privacy-secure way to participate in an unlimited number of reward programs. It gets even better; all merchant accounts are maintained here at www.LOCcard.com. One place to review all the accounts and accumulated rewards. Never miss out on a reward again, all while maintaining total privacy.

Promotional Consideration: LOC Card

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