Dead child targeted in voter drive

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) A conservative group is under fire after the North Carolina Board of Elections says it has received about 2,000 complaints about voter registration mailers addressed to children, people who do not live at a particular address, people who are no longer living and even family pets.

For Jennifer Odom, when she received a voter registration mailer addressed to her daughter Samantha, she also received a sad reminder of Samantha’s passing.

Samantha passed away Sept. 11, 2012, from kidney disease. But in the past few weeks, Odom said she has received political flyers in the mail addressed to her daughter, who would be 4-years-old now.

“It’s scary to think that her information is out there,” Odam says.

The flyers come from conservative group Americans for Prosperity, encouraging people to register to vote in the limited time before the November election.

“The voters have been self-reporting how bad the list really is,” said BOE spokesman Josh Lawson. “We did have a call from one individual saying that their cat has received a mailer.”

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