Controversy over Common Core framework in public schools

Massachusetts is one of 45 states to adopt Common Core framework into their public schools.

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Common Core is an education framework that affects your child in the classroom. Massachusetts is one of 45 states that adopted Common Core standards in 2010, with the goal of helping students perform better in school.

Common Core is a state-led effort that outlines a framework of how to teach English and math for public school students, K-12. The goal of Common Core is to prepare students for college and jobs. But some school superintendents find it difficult to implement this framework into the classroom.

“There does come a point where schools are feeling overwhelmed with the degree of change and the number of expectations placed on them from above,” says Nicholas Young, Superintendent of South Hadley public schools. “So I think we’re struggling to kind of keep up with all of the external expectations and the Common Core is just one piece of that.”

Massachusetts is also in the middle of a 2 year trial with new policies, aimed at creating a career and college-prep curriculum for students. The policies come from the PARCC, or, the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers.

Some parents are worried that all these standards will actually limit their children.

Jennifer Rulf of Amherst, a former employee in the education system, told 22News, “My feeling about standards is that a certain amount of standards are important for learning certain content, but the more it limits creativity, the less it encourages creativity in our kids.”

Common Core does 2 things: it raises the national standards for schools nationwide, but at the same time emphasizes studying fewer subjects, but going into those subjects at greater depths. And some parents think the Common Core can give more structure compared to when they were in school taking the exit exam.

“When it came to the MCAST everything was just scattered for us, and I feel that if they keep on track, our kids will probably do better and succeed better in school,” says Jessica Dahlke of Belchertown.

Common Core is one framework that wants to help create that success for Massachusetts students. Common Core doesn’t give a curriculum, but frameworks how English and math subjects should be taught.

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