Near record breaking heat on first fall weekend

Near record breaking heat has many wishing for more fall-like conditions.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It was a pretty foggy start on Sunday morning. Fog and low clouds kept temperatures cool enough for people to get their early morning runs or walks out of the way, before summer-like heat came back to western Massachusetts.

“It’s Indian Summer. It’s New England, that’s what we get. Today’s a beautiful day with the fog,” said Michael Cavanaugh from Longmeadow.

As the fog burned off it created a beautiful contrast between clouds and sunshine over downtown Springfield. With another warm day in store, the only let down for some people was that they couldn’t enjoy their favorite summer activities.

“Yesterday was spectacular. Loved the day yesterday. Beautiful. I also do a lot of outdoor swimming, except the outdoor pools are closed now,” said Jonathan Chasen from Longmeadow.

Still, others were more disappointed with the timing of the warm weather.

“If I were to have had the warmth I’d have had it more in the beginning of September instead of now where everyone expects it to be cold,” said Sam Cox from Longmeadow.

But temperatures this weekend were anything but cold. High temperatures on Saturday were the warmest we’ve had in three weeks. Temperatures at Westover ARB in Chicopee got up to 82 degrees, tying the record we set back in 2007. These warm temperatures two days in a row came on the official first weekend of fall! Not exactly the autumn weather some people were hoping for.

“I personally like warmer weather. I want to move down to the South and be there, but when I’m in New England and with the Big E -I went to the Big E last night- I found it just not the same without the cold weather,” said Jordan Hurwitz from Longmeadow.

One thing that’s almost certain about any warm-up this time of year, it doesn’t last long.

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