Prescription drug take-back day in Springfield

The goal was to safely dispose medications no longer needed

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The medicine cabinets of thousands of western Massachusetts households are a little lighter. People got rid of prescription drugs that are no longer needed and dangerous to keep around the house.

The Central High School parking lot in Springfield was one of dozens of Western Massachusetts drop off locations. Families who had accumulated prescription drugs they no longer needed were encouraged to get rid of them.

Barbara Johnson of Springfield told 22News, “Old medications that I had been given that had been written by a doctor and expired. I have children and pets in the house, and having old drugs lying around is not a good thing.”

Most people didn’t even have to get out of their cars to deposit prescription drugs that no longer served a purpose and could possibly create problems.

“Every time a relative dies we have to go through the cabinets to find out the old prescriptions,” said Gail Gorliss of Springfield.

Patricia Voysine of Springfield said to 22News, “I went to the hospital to see if they would take them and they refused. And then I heard about the drug drop off here and I decided to come and unload all of the prescriptions.”

For years now, the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration has worked with Western Massachusetts police and the district attorneys.

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