Massachusetts doctor cleared of Ebola is home

Photo Courtesy: MGNonline/SIM Missionary

WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts doctor who is one of three American aid workers successfully treated after contracting the Ebola virus in West Africa says that as soon as he came down with a fever and chills on Aug. 29, he feared he had the disease.

Dr. Richard Sacra said during a news conference Friday at the University of Massachusetts Medical School that he thought he might die.

Sacra, with his wife by his side, said he had no regrets about going to Liberia to help pregnant women deliver babies, and will almost certainly return in the future. Sacra, who lives in Holden, says he’s tired, his legs are wobbly and he expects it will take two or three months for him to fully recover.

He returned to Massachusetts after being treated at a special hospital unit in Nebraska.

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