Community working around the clock to find missing UVa. student

The suspect accused of abducting is back in Virginia

CHALOTTESVILLE, VA (CNN) – Emergency dispatch operators are working around the clock to field tips coming in to help find missing University of Virginia sophomore, Hannah Graham.

Tom Hanson, the Executive Director of the Emergency Communications Center, said, “Folks have called that think they’ve actually, maybe, possibly seen something. We’ve gotten many tips, whether it’s been a description of the car, or an individual those types of things or a location.”

24-hundred tips have come in so far since the 18-year-old disappeared 2 weeks ago. The dispatch center had unexpected visitors on Friday. “Hannah’s parents stopped by today to just let our folks know how much they appreciated the effort that they’re putting in to help trying to find they’re daughter,” said Hanson.

While the calls come in, police admit they still have no idea where Graham is. Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo said, “My understanding is that she was wearing black or dark colored capri type pants, very close-fitting and white shoes. Her iPhone, iPhone 5s, I believe had a pink case. So, if you’re inspecting your property and you come across something that fits the description, of those items, please do not touch them.”

With Jesse Matthew, the suspect in her disappearance, now in custody and back in Virginia, all eyes are on finding Graham. Chief Longo said, “If you’re a realtor that serves the greater Charlottesville Albemarle region and you are responsible for the sale of a piece of property that’s vacant. We want to ask you to go back to that property and inspect it.”

Sabina Harvey is a local realtor and immediately took action. “All of us have these vacant listings and I don’t have any farm properties, but still there are some corners around here that someone could hide something, so I came up and just did a look around. We’re all just trying to find her.”

The search area is vast, the City of Charlottesville is 10 square miles and the county is slightly more than 740 square miles, with a lot of farm land.

While Hannah’s friends have chosen to stay silent at this time one of her dearest friends gave us this statement. “Hannah is one of the kindest people I have ever met. When you meet her she touches your soul. She lives life to the fullest with passion…she dives into it with her whole heart. She will drop anything to help a friend.”

Now members of this community, people she’s never met, are dropping everything to help her.

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