Child rape suspect returns home for gun

Police say is armed and dangerous

Police booking photo of Gregory Lewis. Image Courtesy: Southbridge Police Department

(CNN) – New surveillance photos show a child rape suspect who’s on the run right now. Police with a lead on the man they say is armed and dangerous. Greg Lewis allegedly cut off his court-ordered GPS device and assaulted a family member before taking off.

Security cameras caught 26 year old Greg Lewis last night in a store in Vernon, ct., shortly after allegedly tying up and beating up his 67-year-old stepfather in the basement of their house in Southbridge.

Chief Daniel Charette of Southbridge Police says, “The son was very upset that the father would not allow him to take a handgun. We believe the father did the absolute right thing, of course. It got to the point where that actually got quite violent, where this gentleman was literally shacked and held in the home.”

Eventually, someone called 911 from a cellphone. The stepfather suffered non life-threatening injuries. As for Lewis, he took a handgun and ammo, and took off in a jeep, arriving in Connecticut a short time later. Police say Lewis is on the run because of a pending child rape case. He had been out on bail, wearing a GPS monitoring bracelet.

Chief Charette says, “He cut that bracelet off and left that near the alleged victim’s home.”

Lewis fled earlier this month, going as far as Kentucky before returning. A Southbridge police report shows his parents fear there could be more violence, because their son might not allow himself to be taken alive.

“According to Mr. Jones, Lewis mentioned to him that he is not going to jail and Mr. And Mrs. Jones believes that Lewis will either commit suicide or probably attempt suicide by cop.”

Charette says, “Obviously, in my mind, this gentleman is dangerous. We believe his primary concern right now is fleeing, that’s what he’s been doing, but he did in fact return to the community, so you know, we’re being as vigilant as humanly possible.”

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