5-day-old shot in head, fighting for life

So far, it looks like a bizarre accident

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (CNN) – A baby boy, just five days old, is fighting for his life after a bullet was fired at his home and hit him in the head.

The panic that happened inside the mobile home happened unexpectedly and in an instant. The bullet that burst through this window and hit an infant, investigators believe, likely came from Joe Bosch’s farm.

Bosch says his son-in-law was the hunter who pulled the trigger. He says he was hunting in Bosch’s backyard, when he fired the shot that went more than 300 yards and hit that baby boy, just 5 days old, while he was inside his home, in his father’s arms.

Patrick Dougherty, the Indiana County District Attorney said, “The father was holding the baby on the couch, another child was in the same living area, Mom was preparing dinner when dad heard a bang and felt the child’s head snap. Dad actually got grazed by the bullet after it went through the child’s head.”

The Indiana County D.A. says so far it looks like a bizarre accident but it is under investigation.

Bosch is a farmer and says the deer destroy his crops so he has allowed people to hunt on his property, out of season, and that’s what they were doing when the baby was shot.

Joe Bosch said, “They seen a deer, they seen a couple of them there and they fired, and they said they seen the dirt flying in the ground, but you can’t tell, you know, it might have ricocheted.”

The D.A. says the case is being treating as a criminal investigation, but all evidence points to an accident.

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