Harvest New England Day at the Big E

The Massachusetts Maple Producers Association represents the maple sugar industry in our state.

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) –  There are many things to do and see at the Big E and on Friday it was Harvest New England Day.

In the Massachusetts building there are many vendors representing different food producers and agriculture groups. The Massachusetts Maple Producers Association represents the maple sugar industry in our state.

“About a dozen different producers sell us syrup which we’ve bottled and we also make the cotton candy from one that does the sugar and then we’ve gone through about 200 gallons of light syrup making the candy and cream on the other side,” said Andrew Schmidt of the Massachusetts Maple Producers Association. 

You can find plenty of locally grown produce here in the Massachusetts building. Mass Farmers Markets connects farms, families and communities. 

“We have fresh raspberries from a farm just about 30 minutes from here so everything’s pretty local and we have some fresh cranberries from a farm down in Carver so we’re all about that local farm fresh produce,” said Faith Cole of Mass Farmers Markets.

And beekeeping is an important industry here in western Massachusetts.

“Yeah actually there are a multitude of beekeepers in the area and basically what we try to do is support each other and we try to promote the health and well being of bees because with out the honey bees it’s going to affect everything,” said Jane Benerakis of the Hampden County Beekeepers Association.

You can even watch the honey bees in action. There’s also honey and honey cream you can pick up as well.

The Massachusetts Apple Growers and the Massachusetts Dairy Farms are also represented. You can even speak with Henrietta the talking cow.

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