Travelers are nervous due to recent terror threats

MA & CT increased police presence at airports and train stations

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – There’s no imminent threat of any terror attacks here in the United States, but at least for now, additional security measures are here to stay.

As airstrikes against ISIS continue, out of extreme caution, several U.S. transportation agencies are taking extra steps to protect travelers.

On Thursday, Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy ordered increased police presence along rail lines and at Bradley International Airport. Boston Transit Police also intensified security.

Gov. Malloy reiterated in his news release, at this time, there’s no credible threat against the State of Connecticut. This is just a precautionary measure. Boston Transit Police also said there’s no imminent threat against Massachusetts either.

According to Rob Dermott, who traveled from Manchester, UK, “I mean I trust that the security is tight enough. At the end of the day it seems like you go through more and more security anyway. I’m so used to flying that things happen all the time. So hopefully it’ll stay safe anyway.”

However, some travelers are on edge. FBI Director James Comey said ISIS is still a concern to our security.

Karen Reale traveled from Chicago, She said, “I definitely think it’s a possibility. I travel a lot of New York City as well, using the train. So you know 9-11 just went by, and I think about that a lot too. I don’t know. Things are a little dicey. I do get a little nervous when I travel.”

Amtrak sent 22News a statement saying they share information with federal agencies daily. If you see anything out of ordinary while traveling, call the Homeland Security Hotline at 866-HLS-TIPS.

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