The truth behind flu vaccine myths

Doctors recommend everyone get the flu vaccine each season

Photo Credit: MGN Online

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Some people are still hesitant to get the flu shot this fall because of the myths surrounding the vaccine. Some of those myths going around are whether or not the flu shot could actually give you the flu, or if it truly guarantees that you won’t catch it.

22News is working for you with the truth behind these flu vaccination myths.

It is true that the flu vaccine is not guaranteed to work every time, particularly for people with weak immune systems or the elderly. However, doctors still recommend getting the vaccine because it can help prevent flu-related complications.

One myth claims that the flu vaccine does not protect you immediately from the flu. This is true, because the effects of the vaccine don’t kick in for 2 weeks from the time it was given.

It is true that some people may not feel well after getting the vaccine. People who react to the needle injection could feel sore where they were injected. Children who get the nasal spray could get a mild cough or runny nose. These reactions typically last for 1-2 days at most. According to the CDC, the flu shot cannot give you the flu. the flu vaccine itself does not contain any infectious strain.

You may have hear that children do not need to get vaccinated, and this is not true. Experts say everyone over the age of 6 months should get the flu vaccination every season. Doctors recommend the nasal spray for children between the ages of 2 and 8.

You can get the vaccine at any time this season and don’t have to wait. The vaccination will last all season long.

Doctors recommend that all pregnant women get the flu vaccine, regardless of trimester, but the sooner the better. Doctors say it will protect both you and the baby.

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