Student hospitalized after eating pot laced lollipops

Police: A juvenile admitted bringing these pot pops in from California

ENFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) – An Enfield high school student winds up in the hospital after eating some lollipops. But they weren’t any old lollipops. Police say they were laced with marijuana.

“They are very dangerous, and they mess with your heart, they hallucinate,” said Eva Reyes-Portis, Enfield.

Eva knows what she is talking about. Her daughter became very sick at Enfield high school on Monday and ended up in the hospital. Her mom says she ate several candy pops, given to her by a friend, laced with Marijuana.

“A bad batch of Cannabis pops, she didn’t know what she was eating, because she has never been introduced to drugs, and she ate three of them and had a bad reaction to it. And the toxicologist says a lot of kids are getting sick behind it,” said  Reyes-Portis.

Wednesday afternoon police detained a student at the high school for distributing the lollipops. They have made their way through the school and Eva is speaking out so other parents can warn their kids.

“A lollipop is specifically for kids, they are targeting kids, and we are too close to Halloween, please be careful with these lollipops,” said Reyes-Portis.

Police say what makes this so dangerous is that the juvenile who admitted bringing these pot pops in from California. Police say when it comes in from out of state, especially something like this that is untested,  you don’t know what they are putting in it. It could be too much, not enough or something contaminated.

“The FDA is not overseeing the strength of this stuff, the cleanliness of this stuff, so to put this stuff in your mouth is a foolish thing to do,” said Chief Carl Sferrazza, Enfield.

Police are still investigating to see how many pops are out there and parents who have talked to their kids about drugs will have to have another talk about lollipops.

“You just don’t know what is out there, you say don’t accept candy from strangers, you don’t say don’t accept candy from your friends. It’s very strange,” said Debra Lang, Enfield.

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