“Catastrophic” Bash Bug could affect millions

The flaw can affect numerous devices

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Tech experts are warning computer users about the “Bash Bug,” a security flaw that is very dangerous, and could potentially affect millions of computers.

PC Warehouse Computer Technician Ivan Garcia told 22News the Bash Bug can take control of any device that uses the Linux operating system, but it also affects Apple devices, Macs and some Windows and IBM machines. Google said no Android machines are susceptible.

Garcia told 22News, “You should definitely be careful for dodgy websites. Things that you may think may not be legitimate, you should definitely not click on. If you’re not looking for it, don’t click on it. That type of thing. Definitely don’t use your credit cards anytime soon, within the next few days.”

“Red Hat” software company researchers classified the severity of the bug as “catastrophic.” Homeland Security rated the threat as “most severe.”

Best advice: Update your anti-virus, and “If you’re not looking for it, don’t click it.”

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