When is it inappropriate to use the phone?

52% say it’s okay to use your phone during a work meeting

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – We’ve all seen the phone zombies, people who slowly walk down the street with their eyes glued to the text message on their phone. Now, with the release of Apple’s newest iPhone, people’s attention may drift more than usual.

A new survey shows that those phone zombies are accepted by 65 percent of the survey takers. Times when it’s less accepted include at the supermarket checkout or a retail store.

While 52 percent say it’s okay to use your phone during a work meeting, only 28 percent of people support using your phone to check messages during dinner, and 9 percent at the movie theater.

Patricia Candel of Weymouth told 22News, “I’ve even been on trains where people have been so loud and I’ll tap their shoulder and say I really don’t to hear your personal business. People tend to think they have to speak louder. To me it’s as much of a nuisance as it is a convenience.”

The survey by an organization called ‘TheStreet‘ found that people ages 18 to 49 were generally more accepting of cell phone use than those over the age of 50.

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