Thieves are targeting people with the latest technology

7 were arrested for a spree of robberies in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield Police are noticing a trend with a recent spree of armed robberies; thieves are targeting people carrying tablets and cell phones. Staying aware of your surroundings and hiding expensive items are two strategies people can use to stay safe.

Cynthia Fibiszewski of Springfield told 22News she stopped taking chances after hearing about a series of robberies. “I have an elderly parent with a huge pocket book and she carries her life in it, and she doesn’t need to, and to be safer it’s just better not to.”

Springfield’s Police urge residents to hide their cell phone when walking. New smartphones and tablets are expensive and popular among consumers and theives too.

On Tuesday, an 18-year-old was allegedly robbed outside of Greenleaf Park in Springfield. That victim told Springfield Police the thieves walked away with both his cell phone and his tablet, two items many people carry on them at all times.

Genessee Hernendez of Springfield said, “Anything can happen, but normally I always walk around with a group of people, but if I don’t, I’d be in a hurry to get to a certain place where I feel safe.”

Others avoid leaving the house after sundown. Claribel Ortiz Rios said she used to buy her milk at night, but not anymore. She said, “Now I don’t want to go because I’m scared. So I don’t go in the night, I go in the day.”

If you’re ever confronted by an armed robber, police say just give up your property rather than get hurt, and call the police immediately.

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