Texas court deems upskirting legal

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals voted 8-1

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A Texas Appeals Court ruled overwhelmingly that taking photos or videos up the skirts of women, is legal in Texas.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals voted 8-1 last week to strike down a law that banned “upskirting.” They said a woman’s right to privacy doesn’t override a photographer’s freedom of expression.

Upskirting became a crime in Massachusetts last March after a man took photos up women’s skirts on a Boston subway. Not everyone thinks that law will put an end to “upskirting.”

“I think it’ll probably still be happening with some of the younger people, but I hope it entices people to change their thought ways. That’s an invasion of somebody’s privacy,” Wayne Liggan of Springfield said.

Texas Judge Sharon Keller says the language of their upskirt law was too broad. The court can revise the language to craft a narrower law.

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