Springfield residents split on gas tax ballot question

Question 1 on the ballot will ask voters about the state's current gas tax

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A ballot question this November will ask Massachusetts voters to either repeal or keep the current gas tax law. The law helps to pay for the state’s road projects and sends those tax dollars to the Department of Transportation.

According to the Massachusetts gas tax law, when the cost of living goes up, so does the price of gas at the pump to match inflation. The gas tax automatically increases based on the Consumer Price Index, which is tied to inflation.

In November, voters will have the opportunity to repeal that law.

If you vote “Yes” on Question 1 on the November ballot, you vote to eliminate the automatic gas price increase. If you vote “No”, you want to keep the law allowing this annual price adjustment.

Some Springfield residents want to repeal the law in November and eliminate this tax.

Deonjha Henry told 22News, “The price of living is bad enough to be trying to pay bills and make it out here like it is, and then for the gas, it’s even worse. My car eats it up anyways, so I’m totally against it, I disagree. I don’t want to. I will be voting against it.”

Other residents are happy to pay the extra cash to see the state’s roads improve.

“It’s probably a necessity in order to run the state, but if inflation goes up, the cost of everything that the state has to do in order to run goes up,” says Jamie Starling of Worcester. “And the money’s gotta come from somewhere.”

If the tax is repealed, future taxes would require a vote in the legislature. This question is one of four on the November ballot.

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