Sneak Peek: NBC Wednesday Night

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(NBC) Cops take center stage on NBC tonight. The season debuts for two police dramas, “Law & Order SVU” and “Chicago PD”, both after Episode 2 of the new cop dramedy “The Mysteries of Laura”.

That show has Debra Messing’s character juggling a murder to solve, twin sons to manage and a new boss she wants to divorce.

“It’s like a powder keg with so many different things that can cause drama and comedy,” Messing says, “and we flip back and forth between the two.”

Things turn serious on “Law & Order: SVU”.

Detective Olivia Benson’s got a new job as a foster mom.

“There’s all these new muscles that she has to sort of figure out and work with,” says Mariska Hargitay. “Everything is new. The baby’s new. How to be a mom is new. How she feels is new.”

But there’s no doubt how Benson feels when the child’s life is threatened by a convict during a murder investigation.

Finally, on “Chicago PD”, one of their own is dead and scrutiny turns to the boss of the intelligence unit.

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