Recognizing signs of domestic violence

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – In the past month, nearly a dozen cases of domestic violence cases in the National Football League have ignited an important conversation. How can you make sure it doesn’t happen to you or a loved one? Marianne Winters is the Executive Director of Safe Passage in Northampton and she joined us to share advice.

Domestic Violence – Warning Signs and Prevention Techniques

Assessment Guide
Cycle of Violence Handout
Field Guide to Prevention

LEARN about violence, trauma, privilege, gender and related ideas
ACT with others to create safer community
BEcome an anti-violence Superhero!

Warning Signs
Most violence does not appear out of the blue:
Domestic violence is a systematic pattern of abuse that includes escalating violations.
Individual instances of violence are frequently preceded by identifiable warning signs.
Individuals who perpetrate violence often display identifiable warning behaviors.
Acts that are universally recognized as violent-sexual assault, physical assault, homicide-are made possible by cultural norms, including
minimizing warning signs and normalizing bias, inequality, incivility and violation.
Bystanders can take action to interrupt violence in its early stages. We can also undermine social attitudes that support interpersonal violence.
This makes it harder for people to cross the line and abuse others.

Things to say to survivor:
“I believe you”
“That was not your fault”
“Let’s get help.”
“You didn’t deserve that”
“That must have been hard for you”
“That would have been hard for anyone”

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