Obama: Crack down on terrorists

Obama: Crack Down On Terrorists

(NBC News) President Obama issued a rallying cry to the world Wednesday as he addressed the United Nations General Assembly, imploring nations to reject “the cancer of violent extremism.”

Mr. Obama said the world has to destroy ISIS miltants and what he called their “network of death.”

“No God condones this terror. No grievance justifies these actions,” President Obama said.

In a speech taking place just two days after the U.S. and Arab allies began a barrage of airstrikes in Syria, the president says there can’t be negotiations with “this brand of evil” and added the only language understood by “killers like this is the language of force.”

Later in the day President Obama personally chaired a special U.N. Security Council meeting, where he called on nations to work to keep potential fighers at home and away from the battlefields of Iraq and Syria.

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