Khorasan terrorists are a new threat to America

Khorasan is a more immediate threat to American soil than ISIS

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) President Obama has warned the american public about a new terrorist group known as Khorasan.

On Tuesday, President Obama announced airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria, but also on another group most of the public hadn’t heard of before, called the Khorasan, a jihadi group linked to al Qaeda.

Some western Massachusetts residents are worried about this new terrorist group.

“It does scare me. Like 9/11 when it happened everyone thought that they were safe,” Vidal roman of Holyoke told 22News. “Now there’s like a 99% chance that you have to look behind your back.”

The Khorasan has been on the government’s radar, but rarely mentioned. One man told 22News Americans should be given warnings about terrorist threats immediately.

Willy Roman of Holyoke says, “It’s like a storm. If it comes, you know without us being warned, what could happen? The worst could happen.”

The Khorasan is a more immediate threat to American soil than ISIS. That’s because their mission is to attack the west. The main focus of the Khorasan group is to develop new techniques of terrorism, and to also look for foreigners who have Western passports to carry these operations out.

But a former military officer who worked at the Pentagon says there’s a reason terrorist information is shared with the public later.

“It’s not so much that the government is concealing, it just doesn’t want to put out too much information in the public domain because it puts these groups on high alert that they have since been detected,” says Gary Lefort, an international business professor at American International College in Springfield.

The biggest fear is the Khorasan’s potential to capitalize on its ties with al Qaeda and sophisticated bomb makers.

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