Financial security a must for young adults looking to marry

Pew Research shows people are marrying older

SPRINGFIELD, Mass.  (WWLP) – Americans used to marry regardless of financial stability, but that trend seems to be dwindling.

A new Pew Research report says the rise of birth control, technology, and women in the workforce has made marriage less about joint bank accounts, and more about love. Young adults today say financial stability is a prerequisite for marriage.

One woman from Springfield told 22News why her marriage has lasted more than 40 years, “We have 50/50 and that’s why we’ve been married for 43 years. I think it was based on love, not money. We didn’t have money at that time,” said Lilith Hanson of Springfield.

Pew says people are marrying older, but for others, it’s not part of their plan, which could reshape American families, tax policies, children, and entitlements.

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