Coakley set to campaign with Michelle Obama

BOSTON (AP) — Democratic candidate for governor Martha Coakley says she’s looking forward to campaigning with Michelle Obama.

Coakley said Wednesday that she was delighted the first lady and fellow Democrat had offered to come to Massachusetts to give her campaign a boost. Coakley said she’s focused on a lot of the issues that Michelle Obama cares about, including economic justice for women and preventative health care.

Coakley described Michelle Obama as “charming” and said she can’t wait to see her. Coakley had supported Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary for president, but ultimately ended up backing Barack Obama after he won the party’s nomination. Coakley said it’s too early to talk about a possible Clinton run in 2016.

Coakley, who just won the Democratic primary for governor, said she believes in an active primary campaign.

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