Campaigns look to sway voters on Question 3

“Yes” vote repeals, “No” vote keeps the casinos in Mass.

SPRINGFELD, Mass. (WWLP) – On November 4th, a statewide referendum will decide if MGM, Penn National and Wynn Resorts get to stay in Massachusetts. In our area, MGM Springfield officially kicked off its campaign on Tuesday, and casino opponents have started their grassroots campaign as well.

Nikolay Sorokin of South Hadley told 22News no matter how much money both sides spend, he won’t change how he’s going to vote. He said, “The point is it’s their money. They can spend it however they want to. I can’t stop them, but I am going to vote to bring casinos.”

The wording of Question 3 on the ballot may be confusing to some voters. A “Yes” vote means no casinos in Massachusetts while a “No” vote essentially means yes to allowing casinos in our Commonwealth.

“If you look at the signs, Yes on 3 to fix the mess to stop casinos. We’re associating the two obviously and I think over the next few weeks, everybody’s going to understand that,” said Repeal the Casino Deal Western Massachusetts organizer Alan Cabot.

Meanwhile, Kelley Tucky, Vice President of Public Affairs for MGM said she’s just as confident casino supporters will be able to clarify the question’s wording to voters. “Door knocks, our phone calls, the events that we do in the community, we’ll make sure that message is explained. It’s almost like you want to say, ‘Vote no to say yes for jobs,” Tucky said.

Click here to read the full wording of Question 3 on the November 4 ballot.

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