Boy urinating on buildings causing stir

These pictures could lead to criminal mischief charges

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Though the pictures started out as a joke to get some laughs, not everyone finds them funny.

Photos posted to Facebook show a child with his pants down, urinating on the side of three businesses in the Buffalo area. They were sent to WIVB through Report It.

Monica Kemp from Tonawanda doesn’t think taking these pictures is a good idea. “I know my little brother’s got in trouble for peeing on buildings when they were kids and I think you can get in trouble for that,” said Kemp. “So I don’t think it’s a good example.”

Karen Anderson feels the same. “Initially it’s a little off putting but then you never know what is going to go viral and how people are going to take it and some might even get a good laugh out of it,” said Anderson.

The owner of Ulrich’s 1868 Tavern, whose son is in the pictures, said he was only trying to make people laugh. He told News 4 through a Facebook message that it started out as a joke after his son needed to go to the bathroom at his restaurant, but the men’s room was full. Instead, he took him outside, and a friend snapped a shot.

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It went viral with his close friends and family members. He also says other restaurants owners requested the “bandit” give his “mark of approval” on their buildings.

Annmarie Nowak, a mother of three boys, thinks it’s a cute stunt. “I love the shot of the little boy’s butt. It’s cute, especially as a mom. It brings you back to when your kids were small like that,” said Nowak.

Anderson thinks it was a fun prank, but not with a kid. “They all know each other and they’re friends,” said Anderson. “There are plenty of pranks you can pull without bringing in a little kid, who really doesn’t have a choice in the matter.”

The boy’s father says he did not mean any harm and never exposed his son inappropriately, but a lawyer says you can still get in trouble.

Attorney Nicholas Romano said these pictures could lead to criminal mischief charges or “endangering the welfare of a child, which is knowingly causing injury to his mental well being, moral well being or his physical health, and here there is an argument to be made that mental or moral injuries are taking place.”

“Everybody wants a good laugh, everyone loves humor, but sometimes there’s a line and crossing that line is an issue in our society.”

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