Study: Massachusetts is 16th-happiest state

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Massachusetts is the 16th happiest state in the nation, a new study from Wallethub says.

The survey took into account 26 different categories, including marriage, unemployment, depression, and sleep. The poll also factored in rates of volunteerism, the number of children in married families, and the geography of the state.

22News talked to people in Northampton Tuesday to find out whether they were happy about living in Massachusetts. Jane Laskey of Amherst grew up in New York state, but has been living in Massachusetts since graduating from Smith College. She says that she finds lots of reasons to be pleased.

“I think it’s beautiful and it has everything to offer in terms of being close to wonderful cities like New York, Boston; Washington’s not that far,” Laskey said. “There are so many different beautiful places to go.”

Laskey also mentioned that she enjoyed the fact that different parts of the state were scenic in their own way.

Here are the top 10 happiest states:

1. Utah

2. Minnesota

3. North Dakota

4. Colorado

5. Nebraska

6. Wyoming

7. Iowa

8. Hawaii

9. South Dakota

10. Idaho

…and the 10 most unhappy states (note that the District of Columbia was included in the survey):

42. Indiana

43. Michigan

44. Ohio

45. Rhode Island

46. Tennessee

47. Kentucky

48. Arkansas

49. Mississippi

50. Alabama

51. West Virginia

The Northeastern states ranked as follows:

16. Massachusetts

19. New Hampshire

23. Vermont

24. New Jersey

26. Connecticut

28. New York

33. Pennsylvania

35. Maine

45. Rhode Island

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