Stop online distractions

Stop getting in the way of your own productivity

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  All of the distractions found online can often get in the way of being productive.  David Ryan Polgar from joined us to share insight

Sites are TRYING to distract you!
Sites are trying to get views, and nothing gets views like Clickbait. For example, instead of labeling an article “Tips for Healthy eating,” it is changed to: “4 Insanely Easy Ways to Get a Six Pack.” It’s caching and provocative, so we click on it.

If left to our own devices we may never get offline.
Similar to novel ways to reduce overeating and eating the wrong foods, distraction-blocking software have popped up to assist the process of reducing temptations and increasing focus. Here are a few popular options:

RescueTime: A freemium site that offers a deep level of analytics about your productivity (or lack of it) online. How much time do you spend on social media? Now you’ll find out.

Freedom: Think of this as involuntary unplugging! You are able to block the entire Internet or certain sites for a set period of time. Ideal for people trying to set aside a good chunk of time for quality thinking and/or writing.

FocusMe: Stop being a distraction junkie and start blocking the sites that are getting in the way of your focus.

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