New ambulance service coming to Greenfield area

The Greenfield FD has 21 EMT's that have undergone training

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – After six months of searching, the Greenfield Fire Department found an ambulance they could buy from a Volunteer Fire Department in Pennsylvania. The ambulance is orange, and they’ve decided not to change it, to save money on a paint job.

Starting next month, the Greenfield Fire Department will provide a back-up ambulance service. Greenfield FD Chief Robert Strahan| told 22News, “There are times where because of the amount of call volume where an ambulance isn’t available. We’re going to be able to fulfill that role and get people to the hospital quicker.”

The Greenfield FD will be notified when the primary ambulance provider in the area, MedCare, is unavailable. According to MedCare Operation’s Manager Mark Dion, “It’s going to be a big help because it can get busy at times, and currently we have to call mutual aid in from towns outside of Greenfield to come in when we have multiple calls at the same time.”

MedCare can get 8 to 20 calls on a given weekend especially during festival weekends. The Greenfield FD has 21 EMT’s that have undergone training to take on this new mission. The back-up ambulance service will be staffed by two firefighter/EMT’s to take patients to the hospitaland administer medical assistance on-site during an emergency.

Don Billiel of Greenfield said, “The new ambulance I think it’s going to be very good. It’s right here at the fire department. We live over on Congress Street which is right over on the corner and we have over a hundred people in our building and anytime we have any problems they’re right there within minutes, and I think it’s going to be very, very good.’

The Greenfield FD has been training this week in rope recovery and technical rescue missions. They will be practicing at Poet Seat Tower these next couple of days.

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