Man carries a 12-foot cross around the world

His walk began in 1985 on Good Friday

JONESBORO, AR (REGION 8 NEWS) – “I felt like God wanted me to walk through my local city, I was in Tulsa at the time,” said Keith Wheeler who is walking with a cross to remind people of God’s sacrifice.

His walk began in 1985 on Good Friday. Wheeler said, “I’ve now carried the cross more than 22,000 miles, through 22 different countries.” He has traveled to all 7 continents including Antarctica.

Wheeler said, “I’ve been in Iraq, I was the guest of Saddam Hussein. I’ve been through Chechnya, Nicaragua, Bosnia. I was there during the Rwanda conflict.”

Most recently, he has taken the cross up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. He says he takes this journey one step at a time. “I walk just to remind people that you are loved.”

Wheeler has run into some challenges along the way. “I’ve been in jail more than 40 times. I’ve been run over four times. And beaten and left for dead twice. The last time, I was out for three weeks.”

Wheeler was a student-athlete at ASU and says he never imagined he would be making this walk. “Many times if we could see the end, we would never begin. I think as a student at Arkansas State, I was in the dark, I had no idea.”

Wheeler will return to Africa in just two weeks. He says he is grateful to Region 8 for supporting him throughout his journey. “I learned how to become a man in this community and I am always grateful.”

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