Fall foliage: Why leaves change color and fall?

Most leaves will be off of the trees by early November.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Trees are already changing colors and while it’s still early, people are already getting excited about the fall season.

“I am excited for all, I love this type of weather, it’s a beautiful time of year, the foliage, I love it,” said Deirdre Dimella from Springfield.

Every autumn the leaves change color and eventually fall off the trees, and there’s a reason that happens.

“The tree is storing its sugars for the following year and as the tree stores its sugars the nourishment that starts to go to the leaves starts to decline and then they change color,” said Peter Furnari from 16 Acres Garden Center.

Following that color change the leaves then fall to the ground. What color the leaves change to depends on the type of tree. The vividness of the colors is dependent on weather conditions, sunlight and moisture.

The length of the fall foliage season also depends very much on outside temperatures. The colder it is, the shorter the season, but some warmer temperatures could mean the leaves stay on the trees for longer.

Temperatures too hot or weather too dry can speed up the leaf change. After a summer that wasn’t too hot with decent moisture in the ground, Furnari expects good color this fall foliage season.

Right now we only have only a little color change, but over the next several weeks the fall colors should become more vivid. Typically the leaves start falling to the ground by the end of October or early November.

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