Elderly man beaten for three dollars

His accused attacker is still not in custody

(KTNV/CNN) – An 86-year-old Nevada man is recovering after being brutally attacked while waiting for a bus. Police say the man was nearly beaten to death, then robbed of his $3 bus fare early Saturday morning.

Richard Watanabe’s battered face, just after he was found Friday in this North Las Vegas lot. His accused attacker still not in custody.

Sunday night, the woman who’s practically family, his long-time McDonald’s server, showed up with one of his favorite foods: plain white rice. Zaira Muro is stunned by viewers’ support. “My daughter texted me because she has Facebook, and she texts me like all the comments that people are putting up.”

She says the 86-year-old is still in a lot of pain after his nose and jaw were broken. Surveillance video captured the suspect right before the beat-down, and then, just after, while he’s digging through the elderly man’s wallet, robbing his $3 bus fare.

Watanabe’s almost 90-year-old friend Lucille fears for her own safety after the beating. “They should have been able to look at him and tell he didn’t have money or anything. What was the reason for them to attack him like that?”

While police continue with their hunt for this man, Watanabe’s friends will keep praying for his swift recovery. “Seniors, I learn a lot from them. That’s the main thing.”

Watanabe’s friends are asking the public for donations to help pay for his medical bills. They have set up a GoFundMe account. As of Monday evening, they have raised more than $900.

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