Bee problem in WMass may stick around

Cooler temperatures is bring the bees out longer

Photo: Thinkstock

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – It turns out that these shorter and cooler days mean bees and wasps are more desperate than ever. As nighttime temperatures get chilly, bees have less and less time to search for sugars and proteins during the day.

In a normal summer, they’d have lots of food sources like plants and flowers, but cooler temperatures mean less vegetation and fewer natural food sources. That means they’re on the lookout for what you’re eating; sugary food or meats to help with their reproduction.

According to Bob Russell of American Pest Solutions, “It’s ground up and regurgitated back at the nest site and fed to the larval stages as they develop inside the nest.”

Bees stay near reliable food sources such as public trash receptacles. Make sure you cover your trash outside and if you find a bee’s nest in your home don’t plug it from the outside.

This bee problem could be around for a while, until we get a few hard frosts which may not be until November.

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